Friday, 24 November 2017

How to Connect Your Android Smartphone to Your Roku TV

Today in this fantastic world people are fully enjoying mobile technology. Mobile technology is a revolution that entertainment lay at our fingertips now. A sleek little device that fits in our pocket and we can watch videos, photos and can do various other tasks easily. However, rapidly growing technology in devices now introduced a new thing that your phone or tablet can be mirrored on your TV.  It is convenient and wondrous as smartphones can be connected to Your TV and you can watch your favorite content on a big, flat-screen TV.  According to our research, it is the best, most affordable and convenient way to do so.

The service is available for Android devices running 4.2 or higher and According to Roku, your hardware must support screen mirroring.

Roku’s TV is eternal favorites among reviewers and consumers. Roku’s latest models also support 4K content — something the Apple TV can’t do. Roku TV family has updated its devices, allowing screen mirroring for its newer models.

As, there are many terms used for mirroring in Roku, including Screen Casting and Cast, Wireless Display, Quick Connect, etc. In Android devices, once you identified the correct terminology, and then you can easily connect mirroring from inside the settings menu. 


Ways to Connect

Here, we are providing you step-by-step guide to connect your Android device to Roku TV quickly and easily-
  1.        First, make sure that your Smartphone and Roku TV are running on the same wireless network.
  2.       Roku latest models will allow screen mirroring for Android devices.
  3.       Enable screen mirroring on both your Android and Roku device.
  4.       First, on your Android device go to settings, then select display followed by cast screen.
  5.       Now, open settings menu on your Roku and select system. After that choose screen mirroring.
  6.       After it is completed, your Roku will appear under cast section.
  7.       You will now be able to mirror your Android's photos, videos and other things on your Roku TV.

Contact Roku TV customer service if you are not able to set up the connection between your Android device and Roku TV correctly. The experienced tech experts are available 24*7.

For any other help or support Roku customer care number is available for users. The experts here are always ready to provide you the best solution for your problems. Just give a call at the toll-free helpline.