Tuesday, 6 February 2018

How to Troubleshoot Some Common Roku Issues?

If your Roku has recently been updated to the most recent application, and you still expertise playing videos, you'll need to restart your Roku.


• Unplug your Roku from the powerhouses and leave it off for one minute before plugging it back in and attempting once more move to your Roku home screen and move to Settings > System > Power > System restart.

• If you continue having problems, attempt these extra troubleshooting steps for Roku devices.

When you have issues with the Roku, the most effective resolution is sometimes a soft reset. If that doesn’t fix the problems, a manufacturing plant onerous reset can typically do the trick. Here’s however you will do it.

Soft Reset Roku:

A soft reset can merely restart the Roku while not losing data or default settings.

From Remote:

If the Roku is frozen, you can attempt to reset the device by pressing the following buttons:

• Home five times
• Up one time
• Rewind two times
• Fast Forward two times
• This trick will work on all Roku models.

In case you are not able to troubleshoot the general issues of your account, then you can contact to 24/7 available Roku support experts. Just give a call at Roku customer support team and you will get the solution of all your problems.

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